Alexander Wang Fall 2016 | New York Fashion Week

A look from Alexander Wang's fall-winter 2016 collection

A look from Alexander Wang’s fall-winter 2016 collection

Alexander Wang marked his departure from Balenciaga with a rebellious outing for his namesake label`s fall-winter 2016 collection. On the runway, Wang offered up a selection of punk and grunge inspired looks that would be perfectly at home in Rihanna`s closet. With a 90s flare, the Alexander Wang woman wore a wardrobe of mostly monochrome filled with boxy jackets. form-fitting leather mini skirts and beanies emblazoned with the words like strict or tender. Accessories also took a nonconformist turn with boots adorned with silver balls and spiked necklaces.

Alexander-Wang-2016-Fall-Winter-Runway01 Alexander-Wang-2016-Fall-Winter-Runway02 Alexander-Wang-2016-Fall-Winter-Runway03 A look from Alexander Wang's fall-winter 2016 collection A look from Alexander Wang’s fall-winter 2016 collection Alexander-Wang-2016-Fall-Winter-Runway05 Alexander-Wang-2016-Fall-Winter-Runway06 Alexander-Wang-2016-Fall-Winter-Runway07 Alexander-Wang-2016-Fall-Winter-Runway08 Alexander-Wang-2016-Fall-Winter-Runway09 Alexander-Wang-2016-Fall-Winter-Runway10 Alexander-Wang-2016-Fall-Winter-Runway11 Alexander-Wang-2016-Fall-Winter-Runway12 Alexander-Wang-2016-Fall-Winter-Runway13 Alexander-Wang-2016-Fall-Winter-Runway14 Alexander-Wang-2016-Fall-Winter-Runway15 Alexander-Wang-2016-Fall-Winter-Runway16 Alexander-Wang-2016-Fall-Winter-Runway17 Alexander-Wang-2016-Fall-Winter-Runway18 Alexander-Wang-2016-Fall-Winter-Runway19 Alexander-Wang-2016-Fall-Winter-Runway20 Alexander-Wang-2016-Fall-Winter-Runway21 Alexander-Wang-2016-Fall-Winter-Runway22 Alexander-Wang-2016-Fall-Winter-Runway23 Alexander-Wang-2016-Fall-Winter-Runway24 Alexander-Wang-2016-Fall-Winter-Runway25 Alexander-Wang-2016-Fall-Winter-Runway26 Alexander-Wang-2016-Fall-Winter-Runway27 Alexander-Wang-2016-Fall-Winter-Runway28 Alexander-Wang-2016-Fall-Winter-Runway29 Alexander-Wang-2016-Fall-Winter-Runway30 Alexander-Wang-2016-Fall-Winter-Runway31 Alexander-Wang-2016-Fall-Winter-Runway32 Alexander-Wang-2016-Fall-Winter-Runway33 Alexander-Wang-2016-Fall-Winter-Runway34 Alexander-Wang-2016-Fall-Winter-Runway35 Alexander-Wang-2016-Fall-Winter-Runway36 Alexander-Wang-2016-Fall-Winter-Runway37


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